Edited Publications:

  1. Darwin’s Evolutions: A Journal of Speculative Fiction, Mixed print and E-book journal and anthologies, reviews, interviews, etc.

Short Stories

  1. Her Family’s Memories, Rose-Hulman Thorn Literary Journal, Fall 1983
  2. Hell Forge, Illuminated Manuscripts Anthology, Edited by Lazette Gifford, Published by Dragon Tooth Fantasy, 2005
  3. Kyri’s Gauntlet, Under Cover of Darkness Anthology, Edited by Jana Paniccia and Julie Czerneda, Published by DAW/TEKNO, February 2007
  4. My Girlfriend Fate, Fate Fantastic Anthology, Edited by Dan Hoyt and Martin Greenberg, DAW/TEKNO, October 2007
  5. Firebird and Shadow, Something Magic This Way Comes Anthology, Edited by Sarah Hoyt and Martin Greenberg, DAW/TEKNO, March 2008
  6. Skipping Stones, E-short released by Naked Reader Press, Edited by Amanda Green, April 2011.
  7. Black Feather, Bright Heart, E-short released by Naked Reader Press, Edited by Amanda Green, June 2011
  8. For Conspicuous Valor, E-short released by Naked Reader Press, Edited by Amanda Green, November 2011
  9. Cry Unto Heaven, E-short released by Naked Reader Press, Edited by Amanda Green, January 2012


  1. The Emo Trap, Vision: A Resource for Writers, Issue 43, Edited by Lazette Gifford
  2. It’s Okay to Grieve, Vision: A Resource for Writers, Issue 27, Edited by Lazette Gifford
  3. Your Outline is Your Friend, Vision: A Resource for Writers, Issue 23, Edited by Lazette Gifford
  4. Evoke Versus Invoke: Showing Rather than Telling in your Prose, Vision: A Resource for Writers, Issue 22, Edited by Lazette Gifford
  5. Setting Wise Goalposts, Vision: A Resourse for Writers, Issue 21, Edited by Lazette Gifford

3 Responses to Bibliography

  1. Josh Bice says:

    I read “Firebird and Shadow” years ago and have waited patiently for a larger world to be built. I have never written an author before , and don’t know if you will get this, but I would like to encourage you to write a full series with these characters. I just really enjoyed this flavor of magic. Urban fantasy is in. I would definitely buy this whole series if you would write it. My wife says maybe you haven’t written more is because your wife made you get a real job. I hope you didn’t have to. I hope you have written six books with a with a fulfilling ending that you just haven’t published because you thought no one would be interested, until you got this message, and you decided to finally release them as a box set, and send me the first press autographed and thanking me for my belief in you.
    If not….cheers and thanks for the great short.

    • dagarrison says:

      Thank you for the kind words and encouragement, Josh.

      Please let your wife know that I have, indeed, found a “real” job. In fact, I had one when I wrote the story. Writing fiction is only a valid means of employment for a very few, select people. The rest of us need to make sure the lights stay on and the fridge stays stocked by keeping our 9-5 gigs.

      Firebird and Shadow was a sort of spinoff from a novel concept that I was working with my friend Kate Paulk at the time. It can be considered something of a prequel to our Spell Weaver series concept. Kate approved me doing an independent short for an anthology that Sarah and Dan Hoyt were putting together which became Something Magic This Way Comes.

      Kate and I put together about 11 chapters of Spell Weaver before the real world intervened for both of us. It started out as a way for Kate to escape a bit of the stress she was experiencing in her job in Houston while I simply liked collaborating. After she and her husband relocated for new opportunities on the East Coast, her time became limited as did mine and the project fell by the wayside. This was also impacted by the rising tide and involvement of several of our author friends in the self-publishing movement and how their activities impacted a lot of my own perceptions about opportunities and frustrations in the wonderful world of publishing.

      I really am happy that you found something entertaining and exciting in Missy’s adventure in Dallas. You have encouraged me to pull out the old Spell Weaver manuscript and give it a read-through. Maybe Kate kept our plot notes squirreled away somewhere.

  2. Josh Bice says:

    I’m a little shocked you responded, but thank you for the time. As I sit here drinking coffee, getting ready for my own real job, I consider some books unwritten. I am not a well read man. To make a point, I will say, I have read all of Pratchett’s works, Jim Butcher, Neil Gaiman, King, Hill, Adams, Martin, Christopher Moore, all the Potter books, etc… My point being, my mind still returns to that alley, that girl and her Grams. You left me wanting more and this story holds its own spot in my mind, alongside the above authors and books. I can’t even find my copy of “Something Magic This Way Comes” and am considering buying it again to reread your story.
    This all started because I tried to tell someone of the story and couldn’t remember it’s title or where I read it. It took a little googling to find it. What finally worked in google was “ girl saves grandmother firebird magic”.
    Anyway… thank you for the response and the awesome story. If you do dust off the old drafts, I believe this has the makings of a great world.
    If you are ever in North Carolina, please allow me to purchase you a cold beverage. Have a great day.

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